Call for Survival

from by the fifth estate (∞)

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We come from tired nights and broken homes
New heights, delivered stones
Just think about the
Ruthless killing, God willing
Please take us home

It's a busy day, so much that it's clouding my vision
Shes irate and I'm just tired, I wish she would listen
The jacket that I bought her reminding me of her daughter
The father isn't happy with my position
I like that
I dig the way that I'm the bad guy
This creature is a tragedy like a thorn in my side
This level of creation screams hell
It watches me with persecution as I drown in its well
She can't wait for the day she lets them go
So she can be with her new man
So she let's them know
She saids baby girl, I know I'm what you need
But I can't hang around while he puts his hands on me
The bastard is a spawn of something nasty, it's past me
The things you see aren't classy enough
If I can get something better coming down from these heights
It's alright, I'll come back after tonight

The way I make my ends is full of broken dreams
I never let my father talk to me, couldn't hear over my mother's screams
It's true that life is all of what you make it
I'm making love; why don't I feel what I've created?
Is this pressure to keep it up?
I'm feeling stuck enough
between a rock and bad habit
What if I let him grab it; do with me what he will
I can go fix a habitat breeding more of me still
This Vicodin seems to keep me covered up
I hope that that's enough
Living this way is synonymous to an uppercut
Straight to the upper gut
I'm living fast so what?
I solve my problems what the fuck.
My mommy left my daddy, so I'll do what I please
The new guy only used her so I'm destined to be
Just a repeat & in fact, actually
Yeah, I'm just a daughter that never has known a father
In reality I'm feeling kind of hopeless
So abstracted with the dopest, the most-est
If I can find something better I'll come down from these heights
It's alright, I'll come back after tonight

They say society is all I need
They say society is all I know


from Clandestine, released January 12, 2016
Produced by brandon*

Lyrics/Vocals by the fifth estate



all rights reserved


the fifth estate (∞) Texas


i n f i n i t y l i m i t.

natural born sinner.

I write because I love it, I write because I can.

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